Everything will be alright.

9 Oct 2014


Kurtbastian AU : Because of a bet with Santana, Kurt finds out that Sebastian is not a bad person.

8 Oct 2014


nobody hates glee more than people who have sincerely loved glee at some point in their lives

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20 Sep 2014

27 May 2014

I would watch this show. Is that wrong?

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27 Apr 2014

kurt + being the real hero of glee

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14 Apr 2014


this might be my favourite glee quote of ever

11 Apr 2014

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10 Apr 2014

“Glee is about opening yourself up to homicidal rage”
— Disiilusioned fans everywhere (via deliriumbubbles)

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2 Apr 2014


this might be my favourite glee quote of ever

1 Mar 2014

7 Feb 2014





"And that’s what you missed on Glee!"

The narrator is an extremely biased commenter who occasionally straight up lies to influence your opinion of things, either secretly or by reverse psychology, and I love it.

I like the way the show treats the narrator too, for exactly those reasons. The narrator is never just recapping what happened in the way you might see on a traditional show—there’s a spin, there’s commentary, and through the narration, the show is typically making fun of itself. 

This ties in so well with that Big Fish discussion we were having the other day.

Plus, it’s actually Ian Brennan speaking…

Also, the narrator is the most consistent character on the show.

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15 Jan 2014




#.blaine is captain of the kurt hummel appreciation society #.he holds weekly recruitment drives where he extols kurt’s virtues to anyone who will listen

#yes #his co-captain is burt #I think they meet once per week before friday night dinner #and have meetings on all the ways kurt was amazing this past week #so blaine can organize the information for his recruitment

You missed a few:


What are you doing? Oh nothing just staring intently and nodding along to every word Kurt says. Nothing new.


Look at this dumb face. Wearing a Kurt pin,


with a Kurt unicorn poster in your locker. Do you think that’s enough Kurt campaign material? No?


Of course not lets have one more poster in a frame on your dresser. Near your bed. The classy, sexy one. Why do you need it there you say? Mastu… er… Because of reasons.

Oh Kurt is a Nyada finalist?


You may possibly be maimed for life but that’s no excuse not celebrate.

No seriously, he stans Kurt like it’s his job. Like he’s being paid for it with a wage scale based on intense looks.


Here have the mic and takeover singing Kurt.


Oh is this an improbable, silly wish list?


What are you talking about of course all of Kurt’s dreams are gonna come true. It’s so obvious Kurt is gonna be wildly successful at everything.


And diva’ing? Kurt is the original HBIC always.


Isn’t it obvious those Whitney Houston songs were just made for him. God don’t be such a dummy.

If we were to try to point out all the times Blaine stares with awestruck, loving heart eyes at Kurt, we would literally have to gif every scene Kurt and Blaine have ever had together.


Starting pretty much from the first time this idiot ever laid eyes on him.

Blainers lives a 24/7 Kurt Hummel appreciation life.

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7 Dec 2013

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7 Dec 2013

23 Nov 2013

That’s what we said, Santana.

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